Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A walking day

A very tired Jim and Florin are sitting in our apartment this evening.  We've been out all day walking and walking and walking around Budapest.  Before we went out this morning, we did a few hours of communication with our religious superiors as well as organizers of the Pride March in Belgrade.

Budapest is really a lovely city and I am going to post some pictures when I complete this blog.  There are an incredible number of restaurants everywhere you go.  Unfortunately, the American fast food chains are well-represented.  McDonald's is very popular but we've also seen Subway, Pizzahut and even Burger King.  It's too bad that we've done such a good job of exporting the unhealthier aspects of our culture.

Another aspect of the city that leaps out at you is just how many young people of many nationalities are here.  It is a great city for students who express themselves vigorously in their styles of clothing - very creative.

Last night, as we were walking fairly late, I recognized that, even on dark streets it feels like a safe city.

Towards the end of our day, we went to the train station to buy tickets for a sleeper car for an overnight trip to Bucharest on Thursday night.  When we get to Romania, we will buy tickets for an overnight train to Belgrade for Saturday.  We expect to be there for two nights.

Now, I'm tired.  All this walking feels wonderful.  My fervent hope is that my increase in activity will generally improve all aspects of my health.  Till later....


  1. Bet your ankles are swollen tonight from all of that walking! Looks like a beautiful city. How's the weather? Summer temps? Continue to enjoy, and have fun! Love....

  2. How absolutely beautiful!! Frequently in this country we forget the rest of the world is so much older than we - the architecture is incredible! Stay safe! ~D

  3. Pam, the weather is beautiful. Sunny days, quite a bit warmer than I have experienced all summer. My ankles swelled from the 9 hour plane ride but not from the walking.