Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still waiting....

So, my check-in was easy in Rochester.  My checked bag went easily.  I had to take my belt off after all (I had bought one iwith no metal) because the Rochester airport is trialing a new full body scanner.  I walked away with my stuff and then found I had left the belt.  Oh, did I mention that it was a money belt with five one hundred dollar bills folded into it?   When I went back, the guard had it so no problem.

To back up a bit:  church was fabulous.  Naida and I were only there for about 15 minutes.  Church was pretty crowded.  My opening remarks were "I should go away more often if this many people will come to see me off..."  After singing Marching to Zion, I did the opening prayer and then installed my sabbatical team and then was blessed by the whole congregation.  We moved me to the center aisle and the rule was everyone had to either be touching me or touching somone who was touching me.   I walked out of church immediately and service continued.  Paul rode with me and Naida to the airpot.

My flight to JFK was very smooth and very quick.  I was so engrossed in a book, I didn't notice we were landing until the wheels touched down.  I had the good fortune to have a day pass, courtesy of my niece, Pam, to hang out in the Delta Crown room.  Very comfortable with lots of good food and beverage, even capuccino or espresso.   But six hours is a long layover.  I've been here almost four hours and time is dragging and I'm sleepy.  Maybe I should have more capuccino.

My flight is oversold but since I have a seat assignment, perhaps I'm safe - or if the universe is smiling, perhaps they'll bump me up to business class - hey, I can dream!

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