Monday, September 14, 2009

A momentary scare

Nine hours is a very long flight.  I wish I was one of those people who can sleep anywhere, but I'm not.  I feel like it's 6:04a.m. but it's noonish here.  I got through customs with no delay at all and emerged into the terminal.  No Florin.  I waited for a while and since I didn't have a phone, fired up the computer and sent him a text to his phone via Skype  "WHERE ARE YOU?"  In a few minutes, he came rushing through the door.  There are two terminals and another Delta flight had arrived from JFK.

We took a MaxiTaxi (a van taxi) to our apartment and went out in search of lunch and coffee.  I had a really nice chicken dish, stuffed with a tangy cheese mixture, served over grilled vegetables.  We enjoyed a local beer and a leisurely chat.

A shower after 26 hours awake was welcome and then I slept for an hour.  We took a long walking tour of the city and sat at a sidewalk cafe across from the Dohaniy Street Synagoge, a magnificent Byzantine-Moorish building is the largest synagogue in Europe.  Then we walked for a few miles and came back to the apartment.  

I should say that I took a homeopathic medicine called No Jet Lag on the trip here.  I honestly think it works.  Paul and I used it on a trip to Hawaii with good results.  I will stay up till about 11pm local time and then hopefully will be on regular schedule tomorrow.

After planning for so long, it is really good to be here.  I will share some initial reflections on Budapest tomorrow.


  1. So glad to hear you got there safely!!! Can't wait to read the next entry! ~Donna

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  3. Let the journey begin! Thanks for calling Ma. Put her at ease hearing your voice from afar. Enjoy, be safe, and have one of those delicious European beers for me. Love....