Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday - Travel day

Our mini-bus picked us up just before ten on Tuesday for the two hour trip back to Timisoara, Romania.  After ten minutes on the road, the driver decided to stop at a little gas station/restaurant.  He said 10 minutes but we were there a half hour.  It was a long trip with uneventful border crossings - more stamps in my passport - and it was very hot.  If there was air-conditioning in the van, we either didn't use it or it didn't work.  It was tiring.  We got to the airport less than an hour before flight time and the flight to Bucharest was uneventful and fast.  We flew CarpatAir, a little regional airlines that does a good job. The taxi ride back to the apartment was slow because of traffic.  Almost as soon as we got here, we went out walking to a Turkish restaurant for dinner and then walked back.  Just about every meal has been outside.  People here are wearing jackets morning and evening but it feels warm to me.

When we returned to the apartment, Florin gathered a few things and went to his own apartment for the night.  It was the first time I've been alone overnight since I arrived on the 14th.  It felt like a luxury.  I had a bath, read, and slept early.

We'll be in Bucharest for at least a week and today or tomorrow will plan out the rest of our travels and workshops. Now, I'm off to the supermarket with perhaps a stop for a cappucino on the way.  Adventures!

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