Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday - last day in Belgrade

While Florin went off in a taxi to a business appointment, I walked the 20 minutes or so to the center, to Republic Square, enjoying people watching more than anything. I was thinking about patterns.  Did you know that people walk differently in crowds in different places? There were a lot of people walking in both directions, with me and toward me.  I realized pretty quickly that there was a pattern language I didn't understand.  It sounds stupid but I often didn't know instinctively whether to yield right or left.  If viewed from above, I have no doubt that I'd stand out as not fitting the pattern.  We all know that people drive differently in different US cities but there is still a pattern that we understand.  Driving here, which I haven't done, is very different.  If there's any space, even in a no drive lane, the driver takes it.  It's more like aiming than steering.

Anyway, I got to the center of the city and found a coffee shop that I knew.  I sat and read and drank cappucino and people-watched until Florin met me and we headed of to the Bohemian quarter for a lunch of traditional favorites.

We walked some more, had a coffee, and walked to the Danube, taking a few photos along the way.  One of them was anti-gay graffiti.  It seems that between Sunday and Monday three foreigners were beaten, a Frenchman is in critical condition.

We took a taxi back to the hotel both feeling drained of energy after a long day and a lot of walking.  I have just a few pics:  the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchal Church, The Danube in Belgrade at Sunset and Anti-Gay Graffiti.  Sorry they're dark.  Sunset isn't the best time for photography, unless you have a super camera.


  1. Stop Gay Paradi? I suppose it could have been worse - it could have read "Stop Gay Parties!" :-)

  2. A great party is ALWAYS "gay!" LOL