Saturday, September 12, 2009

One day to go - fly, fly away

I bought my tickets for this trip in March.  For the longest time, it felt like it would never come and, as you can tell from my whining lately, the wait has seemed endless.  Here I am only one day from fly-away day.

I was very careful to make sure that today has no obligations.  There's no where I have to go (except briefly to Naida's to set up her Skype) and the only things I really need to do are sweet and tidy the house and pack my suitcase.  I've avoided packing until now although I have a pretty good idea of all the things I'm taking.

Yesterday, I began my day with a long massage.  It was my massage therapist, Kevin's, birthday.  Ironically, he shares a birthday with my acupuncturist, Molly. 
They are also both dragons on the Chinese zodiac. Then I had lunch with Karen and Patsy from church, finished up my banking, took care of phone calls and went to church to prepare for an evening funeral.  At the meal during visitation, I ate too much.  It made for a sleepy drive home where I arrived around 10:15.

In a couple of hours, I will speak to my Romanian friend, Florin, with whom I will work and travel in Eastern Europe to finalize details of my arrival.

OK, I'm off to drink some coffee and slowly wake up for this hopefully low-key day.

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  1. I keep singing "Tomorrow...tomorrow...." for you. I can feel your excitement! Enjoy the last day before your incredible journey begins. And don't forget to blog every day! Love you....