Thursday, September 10, 2009

Departure Day Minus 3

I used to think that time in the hospital went slower than any other kind of time.  I was so wrong.   Waiting to fly away is the slowest time of all.  Florin, who is not the most demonstrative person in the world, is excited about getting to Budapest.  I devised a Plan B in case he doesn't meet me at the plane, but he will be there.  Even though we are only going to be in Budapest for three days, I think we can pack a bunch of activities into our stay.  For some reason, I want to take a cruise on the Danube while humming the Blue Danube Waltz.   I got my homeopathic medicine called No-Jet-Lag.  Paul and I used it on our trip to Hawaii and it really works.

All right, then, I'm off to be busy today, maybe that will make time go faster.


  1. I cannot wait to live this wonderful journey, vicariously, through Roam Mania. Bask in the anticipation!!

  2. Oh, I hope you do take the cruise!! It's a once in a lifetime kinda thing! I turned 15 on the midnight train to Moscow and just knew nothing in my life would ever top that!! (Of course, I was 15, but you know what i mean!)