Saturday, October 31, 2009

A peaceful Halloween

I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel in the chair I always sit in since I have to come to the lobby to get internet access. There is a large wedding party for Maria and Anthony.  Down another corridor is an 18th birthday party for Deo.  Across from me, an older British couple is playing cards. There is a piano player and a singer with a lovely voice singing lounge tunes in English.  There is a little coffee bar in the lobby that serves good coffee in the morning and beer at night, or coffee I'm sure.   My bar tender brought me a beer without my ordering it.  He said, "I saw you sitting in your spot and prepared you your usual."  this after only 3 days - am I predictable?

After workshop sessions, Florin and I took a public bus around 4 to try to go to the city of Mdina.  Well, we got lost and ended up in the middle of the capital city, Valletta.  We walked around and I took pictures.  It seems I always get to take pictures at dusk!  thank God for software touchups.  We took a bus back and got off about halfway here to go to a little pub for dinner.  I had fish and chips, a local beer and a half pint of Strongbow cider.  Florin had a piece of rabbit and a braciole.

When we got on a bus to the hotel, our friends from Moldova (Marianna) and Odessa, Ukraine (Oleg) were on the bus.  Marianna went as an exchange student to the States when she was 16.  She went to New Mexico through a program with FFA (Future Farmers of America).  Now, back in Moldova, she is a translator and a human rights activist.  We laughed so much on the bus.  For some reason everything seemed funny.

We got back to the hotel in time for the group bus which was off for some place or other and a late night Halloween party under the full moon.  I decided not to go because I want to tour the island on Sunday and didn't want to be exhausted..  Here are some pics I took in Valletta.  Of course, once again, I got around to taking pics at dusk.


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  1. More great pics! In one of the pictures, you wrote that it was a picture of a co-cathedral and I wondered what a co-cathedral was then I realized it must have been a typo. The architecture is just stunning. Hope you are enjoying your last day.