Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day for you. Travel day for me.

It's a really gray, rainy morning in Chisinau.  We didn't stock our apartment very well with food, so we had Russian potato salad for breakfast with a cup of tea.  Lean, Nataly and Mihai kindly sent some home with us last night.

We will head out shortly for a noon meeting at a human rights organization called Gender-Doc, then we will come back to the apartment to pack up and head to the train station for our 5p.m. train.  We will be in the same train car as when we came from Bucuresti but a different sleeping compartment - not the very last one so may not have the same disturbing odors as on the way here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Moldova.  The people I've met have been so warm and friendly and willing to go out of their way to make my stay enjoyable and full of good information.  Once again, I have collected email addresses so I can continue a dialogue with my new friends here.


  1. Hi Jim, I viewed your pictures from Sunday. It is so reminiscent of my life in Poland. Old World flavor, simple and "no Flair" life. I do plaN on a my own trip to Poland (with my sister) I hope in a couple years.

  2. Wow! The pictures from the wine festival and that home cooked meal were splendid. I really liked the park, too bad it's in such disrepair. I think I would like to try sarmale. I knew you'd have some groupies!!!

  3. Every day is such an adventure!! I am so glad you did this trip! I am getting so anxious to hear lots of stories at Thanksgiving. Of course, my turkey and fixings will pale in comparison! ~Donna