Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday - a travel day

Sunday night at our huge hotel, there were only 10 guests, including us.  When we went for breakfast, expecting a breakfast buffet, the waitress said, just order what you want.  So we had poached eggs and a kind of sausage that tasted like polish sausage.  There was also a fruit compote made from sour cherries that was really delicious.  I never saw such a thing in the US.

We went around 11:30 to catch a train to Bucharest only to find that the train was going to be delayed.  We checked with the mini-bus and found that there was only one available seat, so we waited until just after 1pm for the train and rode second class in a compartment with four other people.  We arrived in Bucharest at just after 3pm and Florin was hungry for KFC.  So we ate spicy chicken wings at the KFC at the train station.  It was the worst meal I had since arriving in Eastern Europe.  After we ate, we went to a ticket agent to get sleeper car tickets for Wednesday night when we'll leave for Chisinau, Moldova, returning overnight Monday arriving Tuesday.

I'm back at my apartment, bare feet and shorts.  It's 73 degrees and sunny at 6pm.  It's nice to have a bit of solitude.  Tomorrow, I'll have my usual Bucharest routine and may or may not see Florin.  These bouts of activity followed by alone time suit me just fine.  Moldova will be intense people time.  I don't know yet where I'll be on my birthday but wherever it is, a celebration is in order.


  1. Leave it to the fast food restaurant to offer up the worst meal since arriving. The weather sounds delicious; the perfect temp and shorts too! It's in the 50's here today and a bit chilly.

  2. Packing your bags, again, for Moldova, I imagine. Enjoy your day of R&R today. Can't wait to hear your upcoming adventures. I know NO ONE who has been to Moldova! Love...

  3. Isn't it interesting how "what's good to eat" varies based on who's LOOKING to eat? I can imagine how someone not from the US might be fascinated with some of our fast foot dishes. I find myself craving a Wendy's or McD burger at least once a month, although I am trying to stay away from them. I'm salivating, reading about the all foods you get to eat! Me, I have PB&J for lunch. Does anyone over there eat PB&J? Happy travels, Jim!