Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brasov - Saturday afternoon 10/3 and Sunday morning 10/4

Brasov is a fascinating city.   I have uploaded some pictures and here is the link to see them:

As we always do, we walked all over the place, stopping as needed for a meal or coffee.  I took a bunch of pictures.  My niece, Pam, had a list of pics I had to take.  In fact, I only got two of her requests:  the 15th century Black Church, a German Evangelical congregation - Die Schwarze Kirche.  We attended service there in German on Sunday morning.  The whole inside of the church has ancient Oriental rugs displayed on the walls.  They are from the days of the Turkish Empire.  I remembered enough German from high school - almost 50 years ago - to get the gist of the service and to recognize the gospel.  It was a very staid service without bells and whistles.  No dancing in the aisles there!  There was not communion at the service.  Afterwards we went to a coffee/pastry shop and had sinfully rich pastry and coffee before heading back to our hotel to pack and take a private car to Sinaia.  I really liked the feeling in Brasov, called by the Germans Kronstadt.  The whole city has a friendly, relaxed feeling to it.   Saturday is apparently wedding day because we saw several wedding parties.

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  1. The pictures are amazing!! I especially like the one of you - you look the most relaxed/refreshed/happiest that I have seen in years! I believe this trip is doing you wonders!! It's nice that you are taking the time to post so that we can all tag along on your magnificent journey!