Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last day in Romania

Today is my last day in Romania.  It's a simple sentence with what looks like a simple idea.  Well, it is a simple sentence but it can't hold all the feelings that I have about this country, this region, these people.

Before I came here, I was focused on doing something useful during my 8 week sabbatical.  It quickly became apparent that I would receive so much, that I would meet people who would become very important to me, that I would settle into an apartment and imagine living in it for a long time.

Before I came here, it seemed like I would have so much time.

I was so unprepared.  I am far richer as I do laundry and pack today than I could ever have imagined.

Folks at my church recorded  video greetings, a simple wonderful video that I watched late Sunday night after flying back from Timisoara. (Link:  My friend, Bess, took a video camera and walked around the Fellowship hall at church giving people a chance to greet me.  It came at exactly the right moment.  I was feeling sad and gloomy, thinking of people I don't want to leave thousands of miles behind me.  That video reminded me of all my people I want to see who are in front of me.  Today, I exist in a kind of limbo, caught between two worlds, both of which I love.  On two sides of the world, I have a home.  That is cause for quiet joy.

Florin and I will fly to Malta at 6 tomorrow morning.  I know I will have a good time there until I fly home to the States on Monday, a week from today.  But today feels like the end of my sabbatical.  Who would have ever thought it would be like that?

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