Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beginning of the last mad rush

On Tuesday evening, our Elder flew in and we met for dinner and to do final preparation for our workshop in Timnisoara on Friday and Saturday.  We will fly to that city tomorrow and meet the delegates from six or seven countries who will be participating.

We went to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner after our meeting and it was a disappointment.  No one spoke Arabic and the menu was confusing to say the least.  Many of the dishes I have been eating my whole life were called something else and had odd ingredients.  It was unmemorable enough that I won't describe it.  Except for KFC, it was the worst meal I've had in Romania.  Usually the restaurants are excellent.

I really am in the final stages of my trip.  After returning from Timisoara on Sunday, I have only Monday to pack and clean the apartment.  On Tuesday we're off to Malta.

It's been interesting examining my inner workings and feelings about the end of my time here.  Living in an apartment instead of a hotel makes the feeling of being at home much stronger.  Add to that having to do all the normal activities like shopping and cooking makes it just like being at home - without my dog and cats and friends and church.  So, I'm really sorry to see this adventure coming to a close and at the same time I'm ready to be in my own home in more familiar surroundings.

There are no things American I have missed.  I haven't watched TV at all in the past seven weeks.  I haven't followed the news so I have no idea what's been going on.  Reading in a quiet setting has been a great pleasure.  I have missed my church terribly.  There is nothing like being in the middle of your own people for joyful worship.

But adventures will continue once I return home.  I have a training in Florida in March and a big conference in Acapulco in July.  In fact, I just made my hotel reservations today for an oceanfront room.  It's such a good life.


  1. There really hasn't been any news since you've left. Governor Paterson is bringing back the Senate and we could have a marriage vote as soon as next week.

    Not miss anything American? Lady Gaga, Kanye West - polarizing politics and Rush Limbaugh? I wouldn't miss anything American either now that you mention it... :-) Love and miss you very much.

  2. Well, don't worry, you haven't missed much of anything. But you sure have been missed!