Thursday, October 1, 2009

a blurry Thursday

Thursday went by in a blur since all I did after my daily trip to the market and visit to the park was read to prepare for tonight's workshop.  The invitation went out by email to a large mailing list of all kinds of people: activists, members of LGBT groups, straight allies, etc.  Did I tell you the title of the workshop is "God, Sex, and Spirituality?"  We have no idea if it will draw 3 or 103 people.  So, it might be a small group discussion and it might be lecture with a lot of discussion or it might be a few folks sitting around drinking coffee and talking.  I'll let you know tomorrow.

I mentioned drinking must the other day as a fall favorite.  In addition to this unfermented grape juice, there are many things that are commonly drunk that we don't see a lot.   In the juice section there are pear nectar and peach nectar both of which I really like and there are varieties of Nestea I never saw at home, such as Red Tea flavored with pear.  I'm enjoying this very much.

As I was getting ready to come for this adventure, I thought about the things I would need most.  Reading material was on my list ahead of anything else.  I could do without underwear and socks before I could do without books!  I couldn't possibly pack the number of books I would need for seven week.  I needed theology and scripture and light reading to study from and prepare.  My solution was to splurge and buy an Amazon Kindle.  Look it up on Amazon if you don't know what it is.  It will hold up to 1500 books so I loaded it up and it has been an indispensable companion.

This has been a mish-mash of ideas on this Friday morning.  I'm going to eat, shower and head out for my walk and shopping.  For those who are having trouble commenting, the key is to have a Google or AOL/AIM or some other ID.  Each comment needs to be from one of those and there's a drop down box of choices at the end of the comment text box.  Thanks to those who've shared thoughts with me.  It's very nice to know I'm connected.


  1. A huge possum chased Sid and I in from our morning walk, so I have time for a morning note. Can't wait to hear how the workshop was received. I love pear nectar too. Goya has a decent pear nectar here. My homework today will be to read up on the Amazon Kindle. Bon chance ce soir. Love....

  2. Isn't the Kindle one of those gifts from God? I am completely devoted to mine, have one of the very first ones.

    Loving your blog

  3. i am so pleased with the Kindle, I don't even have enough good words about it. it has added a lot of quality to my travels.