Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homecoming: pre-dawn Monday - even if the blog date says Sunday

Well, it's ten to five a.m. in Malta and I'm up to get ready for the cab to the airport.  I will have a very very long day flying with long layovers in both Munich and Chicago.  I get into Rochester at just before midnight (if I get out of Chicago!) and will take a taxi to a hotel for the night.  Tuesday morning, Paul will pick me up around 10 and get me home. (I live an hour from the airport so it's too much to go home tonight).

I have had an experience of a lifetime which would not have been possible if my fabulous church had not stepped up.  My board (Pete, Terry, Martha, John) and my sabbatical team (Deb, Lu, Renee and Pete) made it possible for me to be away without ever worrying that something would come up that they couldn't handle.  Our church has really grown up in the last seven years.

At home, Naida has cared for my indoor and outdoor cats with a dependability greater than my own.  Deb and Martha have kept my rambunctious Golden Retriever, Bentley.  Paul has cared for the house inside and outside.

I am also extraordinarily grateful to my friend, Florin, without whom the European end of my time away wouldn't have been possible.

I've mentioned new friends along the way, and have to especially name Bart and Andreea, even though there are so many others.  I am coming home so much richer than when I left.

So, Air Malta, Lufthansa and United Airlines will all own me for today.  I will have to work at speaking proper English after speaking for other citizens of the world.

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