Monday, November 2, 2009

Homecoming: Hurry Up and Wait. Phase Three

I've just spent 10 hours on a Lufthansa jet that came the polar route across Greenland and down over northern Canada.  It left on time and arrived on time.  Lufthansa must take hydration seriously.  At least once an hour, they came around with water and juice.  They served a nice dinner with wine and offered brandy after it.  I had beef goulash with spicy red cabbage.  I declined the brandy but accepted a glass of red wine.  There is a little screen at each seat and there were 12 movies to chose from.  I watched Julie and Julia, a Hindi film and The Proposal, which I had seen before but enjoyed anyway.  I dozed for a little while.  About two hours out of Chicago, they served either vegetarian pizza or Bavarian sausage roll.  I had the roll and really good coffee.

I had to go through customs in Chicago which was a breeze.  Then I had to reload my baggage and take a train to a different terminal.  My flight to Rochester is scheduled to  leave in just under two hours and is, at this time, listed as "on time."   I have been awake for almost a full day.  By the time I arrive in Rochester, I'll be dragging.  A small group from church will meet my plane and take me to the hotel.

So I'm back on cellphone and it's been ringing off the hook. (if it had a hook.)


  1. just got word from Donna that you are home safe!! Doesn't seem possible the trip is over. China next?? have a great day

  2. Welcome home. And thank you for taking us on this incredible journey with you! Love...