Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homecoming: Hurry up and wait. Phase One

Phase One:  Malta Luqo Airport

Check in and coming through security was no problem.  I've got this down to a science.  I got here 2 hours ahead of flight time, as recommended and headed for someplace to eat.  There was a cafeteria in the general waiting area but further along, past some shops, there was another, quieter one.  I got a sausage roll (the "sausage" tasted suspiciously like hotdog, a danish pastry and a cappuccino to start the day.  I board in about an hour for the first leg of the long trip home - Munich, a flight of about 2 hours.  I'll wait there a few hours more before the second leg - a 10 hour flight to Chicago.  I will miss being surrounded by a dozen languages at any given time.  I will miss cappuccino that is strong and flavorful, not burnt like S***bu**s.

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