Monday, November 2, 2009

Homecoming: Hurry Up and Wait. Phase Two

OK, now I'm in Munich.  I am sitting alone at my gate with two and a half hours till flight time.  My body feels like it's 1pm German time but in NY, it's just before 7a.m. Monday and I will be travelling until midnight NY time - if I don't get hung up in Chicago, which I have done every single time I ever passed through there.

I changed my computer clock to NY time since it's my only way to begin the process of readjusting to home time.  I have no watch and my cell phone doesn't work in Europe so it doesn't know what time it is.  All I know is that I have another 17 hours before I'm due to land in Rochester.

I arrived in Munich via Air Malta uneventfully.  The plane was full.  There was a British choir and a Finnish Youth Football (Soccer) team on board.  Breakfast was the breakfast I got used to in Bucharest:  a sandwich of cheese, salami and ham.  In Bucharest I used to have it on toasted wheat bread.  I had to change gate area from G to H.  It felt like a one mile walk, through endless high end shops.  I looked at a watch that was retailing for over 1000€ which is almost $1500.  It didn't even seem to be that fancy a watch.  I kept walking and walking and the gates got less and less populated.  I finally arrived at the very end of the wing and was relieved to find that my plane is here so it will most likely be on time.  Lufthansa, a proper German airline, prides itself on exactitude.  On the way to Malta, one of our flight attendants could easily have played a Valkyrie. 

So here I sit, computer and book in hand, supplied with water and Coke Zero.  My challenge is to drink both the Coke and the water before I leave so I can get my 50 cent refund for the bottle deposits.  More later.

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  1. It is now almost 7:30 PM - you are either in Chicago or almost there. Let's hope for once they leave on trip and welcome home we missed you.